Tiny humans are on acid

Small children live in the present moment, in the now. They are in deep, laser focused, inextricably tangled up in their object of engagement. Don’t let that little one bogart all the wonder – take a toke next time it passes around. Join that magical mystery tour and strive to see the world purely, as through a child’s, once more. 

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TantrumBox? More like Pandora’s Box.

Here’s the best tantrum tip I can offer you, totally free.

Don’t spend 40 bucks on toys to distract your child from a normal, healthy part of their development.  Period.

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The consent game

The message is clear: unless her health or safety are at stake, she and she alone gets to decide who touches her body.  Period.

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Hold on tight

Difficult conversations are, well, difficult. Well, when intense feelings abound and are calling at us, daring us to steer toward the rocks, the first thing we must do is hold on tight!

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Parent Q&A: When kids prefer one parent

“Lately my son has been really preferring daddy and it’s been hard on me.”  

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