You’re going to fall

As many, including Nonviolent Communication's creator Marshall Rosenberg, have said: "Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly." Yesterday I brought my daughter a surprise: her first scooter. She's been excited about them since she first saw them in use at the local park a few weeks ago. She was so proud (and to her credit, immediately... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day 2017

Two Jewish mothers are having dinner in a restaurant. The waiter comes up to them and asks, “Ladies, is anything all right?” That’s my favorite joke. Recently, I read that your favorite joke says a lot about you. And as a therapist, which means I’m a keen student of the human condition, I was both... Continue Reading →

The two hands of parenting

As a parent (or, indeed, as a therapist, friend, or partner), we have two hands. These two hands remind us of our two main tasks in approaching our loved ones and their many complex needs. With one hand, we hold the feelings. With the other, we hold the line.

The dead man’s switch

It's a term known to railroad operators, and a concept familiar to therapists working with clients in danger of harming themselves or others, as we sometimes do: Never leave a dicey situation in the hands of someone unstable. In other words, if we make an agreement with a client that they will call us each day... Continue Reading →

Why does my child hate me?

I hear this story from tired working parents all the time. "She loves the nanny more than me - I see them playing so nicely on the monitor while I'm at work, then the moment I come home, she shrieks like a banshee and melts down. It's nothing but frustration for the hour and a... Continue Reading →

It’s time

In my work as a parent educator at Cassidy Preschool, I unintentionally stumbled upon one of my favorite and time (pun very much intended, you'll see) tested techniques for encouraging cooperation from children. Have you ever noticed that if you give toddlers the opportunity to say "No," they will?  "Want to go to the store?"... Continue Reading →

Minding manners

"He gave you a cookie - say thank you!" "You want some? What's the magic word? Say please. I didn't hear you!" Wrangling manners is a familiar subject to many the parent of a toddler. It fits in well with our notions of needing to civilize the savage beast of the under-5 set.  And believe... Continue Reading →

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