Blog: Living in Captivity

We modern humans don’t live in our “environmental niche” – the environment in which human beings evolved and for which we are optimized. Many things about the world we have created are non-optimal for our hunter-gatherer minds. Don’t get me wrong, I love my modern conveniences, and I am in no way suggesting that we should abandon it all and return to the savannah. Far from it – modernity, or at least many aspects of it, is here to stay. But let’s not be naïve – certain aspects of modern life are clearly hurting us, if not outright killing us, and an “enriched” captive life is still a life lived in captivity.

So, is there a way to understand the pain and suffering of “civilization” through the lens of captivity? How can we live a modern life informed by the subtleties and comforts of our evolutionary niche? How can we break free from the bars of captivity?

This blog is an attempt to answer these, and other questions, in addition to posing many, many more.

Frayed: An Elegy for 2020

The worst is definitely not over, people. Yes, let’s take the needed sigh of relief that the calendrical end of this nightmarish year might offer, but remember that, in some ways, the nightmare is just getting started. Hold on for dear life to whatever joy you’ve got left, and please, please, please, if you’re reading…

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Let us uphold the three hundred million years of mammalian wisdom that course through our veins: the knowledge, baked into our DNA, that we must let go of the comforts of the past in order to welcome what is to come.

Lockdown Day 45: Keeping the Pieces Together

I’m not sure what it is about my parental role that has bestowed me with some preternatural sixth sense about where everything is. Nor am I certain how I wound up the guardian and keeper of things in this relationship. But perhaps more aptly, I’m very attuned to things being lost and missing, and desperately…

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