Day 22: Finding our rhythm in self-isolation

Today marked day 22 of our self-isolation. I don’t know about all of you, but we’re starting to find our rhythm around here. For those who know anything about music theory, you’ll recall that rhythm can take many forms. It can be evenly paced or syncopated, fast or slow. But whatever form it takes, rhythm is rhythm. Some of our days are evenly paced, some syncopated. Some zoom by, others seem leisurely. I still miss my pre-COVID life. My heart still breaks when my 5-year-old asks me if it’s still “cold season.” But one of the unexpected pleasures of this strange time is the freedom to just be with my kids and watch them play for as long as I like. To color with them and make pancakes. To stack blocks and knock them down over and over and have spontaneous dance parties. There’s a lot I won’t miss about this big mess we’re in, but the preciousness of these long days–whatever their rhythm–is not one of them.

Here’s some resources to help you find your rhythm too!

  • Parenting Happy Hour: My colleague Keren Gudeman of Improv Parenting and I have been hosting weekly meetings with improv games, gratitude, and parent camaraderie every Sunday. Follow me and Improv Parenting on Facebook to see the invites to this free source of support (here’s the link for this week’s event on Sunday, April 12)!
  • Podcasts for kids: My oldest has really been enjoying listening to podcasts while she colors or does sticker puzzles. Wow in the World and Ear Snacks are our favorites (both have episode segments explaining or discussing the COVID crisis in kid friendly language). The But Why podcast also discusses the current situation in a way children can understand. 
  • Teacher Tom: Tom is a relentless advocate for young children and play-based education. In his recent blog posts, he’s exploring the impact of the current situation on young children and offering sage and heartfelt advice for parents now faced with being their preschoolers’ teachers. His first post in this new series is well worth reading and watching.
  • Overdrive at the Los Angeles Public Library: If you’re running out of kids’ books to read (or if the ones you have are driving you nuts), use your LAPL membership to check out tons of awesome picture books for your Kindle or iPad. You can rent up to 30 digital items at a time!
  • Karaoke party! There is literally no better time than right now to obtain a bluetooth karaoke mic for your family. Let the karaoke-a-thon begin!

For additional reading:

Rebekka Helford is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Los Angeles, California. With over a decade of experience working with parents and young children, Rebekka specializes in short-term intensive parenting consultation, using a variety of tools including home, office, and school visits to help families navigate developmental hiccups and get back on track. Virtual visits now available!

Click here to schedule an appointment or contact Rebekka with a question – who knows, she might even answer it in her next post!

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