Be prepared! How to make an emotional first aid kit [VIDEO]

Here in Southern California, disaster preparedness is something of a fine art. Whether it’s the earthquakes or the wildfires, you can rest assured that looming threats necessitate being ready in advance. After all, you don’t want to be hunting down your emergency kit when the emergency is already upon you!

The same can be said of emotional emergencies, although I don’t think most folks typically give a lot of thought to advance preparedness for breakdowns, meltdowns, flare-ups, and upsets. So here’s a little video tutorial on how to get ready for the next emotional disaster in your home. Take some time now, when your hair isn’t on fire, to get all your calm-down tools in one bag or basket so that when things heat up, you can help yourself or your loved one get regulated and reconnected. Fortunately, most of these items can be found inexpensively at your local drug store. So get gathering and be prepared, as the Boy Scouts say!

Is your favorite item not in my video? Tell us about what’s in your emotional first aid kit in the comments!

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Rebekka Helford is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Los Angeles, California. With over a decade of experience working with parents and young children, Rebekka specializes in short-term intensive parenting consultation, using a variety of tools including home, office, and school visits to help families navigate developmental hiccups and get back on track. Virtual visits now available!

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